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Evan's Page


Personal Information:
Full Name: Evan Athenna
Nick Name: Vhan, Sars
Address: Vicente Compd. Teovile Subd. BF Homes Sucat P'que
Cell Number: 09108851026
Age: 24
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Citizenship: Filipino
Civil Sattus: Single?
Religion: Roman Catholic
Mother's Name: Elsa Sarcia
Occupation: N-o-n-e
Father's Name: Pedro Sarcia
Occupation: Lubeman
Educational Attentainmnets:
Parañaque Elem. School Unit III
FES Subd. Sucat P'que
Parañaque National Highschool
Dr. A. Santos Ave. Sucat P'que
Parañaque City College of Science and Technology
Kabihasnan Road Sucat  P'que
Associate in Computer Technology
Extra-Culicular Activities:
Artist Contributor for the "Wings" the official school organ of PCCST.
-->Things to live by with me:
 " I love Playing basketball, surfing the internet, chatting and meeting people, I like to Draw especially Anime', I love japanese "Manga" and "Hentai". I do believe we Pilipinos have a great talent for drawing and animation.."
" i like people who are true and real.."
" I hate plastic people"
Well this is all I can say about my self I hope all of you guys enjoy
"wELl i'aM pRoud To Be tHE fIRsT GAY aNiMaToR iN tHE hOuSe. "aNiMe gUiLd rOcKz!"