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"Who's G3?"

"Who am I? Are you sure you wanna know?"

Full Name: Michael Jitri T.Tan                  Nickname: "G3"
Age: 18                                                  Height: 5'6"
Civil Status: "NGSB"                               Birthday: April 15,1987
Address: Lot 1 Blk 25 Daffodils St., Modesta Village, San Mateo, Rizal
Contact #s:   #09207919952
Hobbies: Drawing, Reading Comics, Cooking, Scrabble, PC Gaming, etc.
Favorite TV shows:    Cartoons, CSI, Medical Investigation, Iron Chef, SUGO
Favorite Food:    Sinigang na Bangus, Sweet and Sour pork, Bopis, Dinuguan
Favorite Sport:    Basketball
Hangouts:           Iskul, Bahay( naks! Ambait ah! ).
Special Skills:
      *  Drawing! (Animation, Advertising, Design, etc.)
      *  Writing   (Anything! from Essays to News Reports, Formal Documents)
      *  Singing   (Anything din! I can even Rap!)
      *  Programming  (Visual Basic, Java, C++, HTML)
      *  Cooking!  (mwah! Delisyoso!)
      *  Knowledgeable in:
                   Adobe Photoshop
                   Microsoft Office, etc.
      *  Also good in Conversational English
Credits Earned:
        President - AnimeGuildPHIL
        Storyboard Artist - AnimeGuildPHIL, IPOKID project
        Layout Artist - Microbytes Printing & Publishing
        Artist of the Year Awardee - EARIST-LHS
        Former Correspondent - Manila East Watch (Provincial newspaper of Rizal)
        Former Photo-Arts Editor - Memorabilia (Yearbook Publication of PUP)
        Director & Scriptwriter - EARIST-LHS School plays